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Whose "Labels" are you really wearing?

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According to psychology researchers around the world and the National Science Foundation, updated statistics say we have between 6,000-12,000 thoughts a day (some go as far to say this number can be around 60.000), of which 50% of them are negative and 90% of those thoughts are the same as the day before.

The even more striking statistics show that 95% of our thoughts are unconscious and formed from our childhood experiences: therefore, most of the time. we are not even aware of them or how right or wrong they may be. By 35yrs of age. we are pretty much a computer program of unconscious thoughts and habitual behaviour.

Is it then any wonder that certain situations around us never change, and it is so hard to move forward and create a new reality when we live the thoughts, emotions, and experiences of the previous day and the day before that?
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In fact. on most occasions. what we live through in the present are the labels and

- experiences we absorbed growing up in our childhood years. Our emotional brain begins to develop very early on in life. in fact. from birth. based on the nurturing we were given by our primary caregivers (or lack thereof). the surroundings we grew up in and the experiences that happened to us and how we were allowed and able to process these. These factors then become the architecture for how we will process future experiences and how our reactions will form. whether healthy or unhealthy. reactive or balanced.

They also become your identity. who you believe yourself to be. usually without question or challenge to the labels you wear every day of your life. no matter how damaging. restrictive or blocking they may be.

"Awareness is the greatest agent for change' - Eckhart Tolle

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These labels affect both sexes. they are not specific to the masculine or the feminine. and they are equally as harmful with the pressures and expectations they put on us. Whether we have achieved enough. look good enough or are worthy enough in everything that we do. They truly affect our life satisfaction and our ability to see just how far we have come and the value in all that we do.

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The first step in realizing goals and dreams is to become aware of past stories and experiences. beliefs and labels that others may have put upon us in very impressionable years. Then we have to work out how beneficial they are today. or if they are only holding us back. But above all. we have to understand how they shape our present reality and our ability to create the future we desire. And from there. with these new realizations. the process of change can begin.

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