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Coaching vs Therapy

If you're ready to take charge of your life and achieve your goals, coaching could be the perfect solution for you.

Unlike therapy, which mainly focuses on past traumas and conflicts, coaching is all about empowering you to take action in the present moment to create a powerful and aligned future.

Coaching differs greatly to conventional therapy. Therapists are licensed and trained healthcare professionals that mostly work with mental illness and are able to prescribe medication which coaches cannot do.Their focus is mostly trauma related healing.

Coaches must also be qualified and certified in their field, and will definitely seek to understand the past, however the focus will be on the present and the future and taking the steps and actions needed to help you create the life you deserve. 


As a highly skilled and natural intuitive, I will work with you to understand & release your past experiences and current situation, and help you break through any limitations to achieve your full potential with rapid & radical results.  

Discover the transformative power of mindset, empowerment and confidence coaching, alongside working with law of attraction coaching techniques. I believe that by fostering a strong mindset and empowering you with unwavering self-confidence, you will naturally and seamlessly step into a future filled with limitless manifestation.


Whether you are still a student looking for student coaching, starting up your career or taking a break, you can tap into breaking patterns that may be holding you back and tune into a frequency that attracts positivity and abundance.  

I am here to help you unlock your full potential, empower your mind and confidently create the life you deserve.

Don't settle for feeling stuck, held back and fearful of old patterns – take the first step towards a brighter future today.

Areas of Expertise

◆ Neuroscience backed processes to rewire the subconscious mind

◆ Self-esteem and supreme confidence building

◆ Unleashing true empowerment, courage & passion to live your wildest life

◆ Positive psychology to call in more fun & adventure into what may feel mundane

◆ Identifying & smashing through limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns

◆ Releasing Stress / Anxiety / Exhaustion to become your most lit up & vibrant self

◆ Finding motivation & Increased energy

◆ Life purpose and Career direction whilst cultivating a healthy work / life balance

◆ Increasing happiness both in personal life and career

◆ Releasing the past and creating future focus with Time-line healing & reprogramming

◆ Breaking the habit of procrastination

◆ Healthy happy relationships with yourself and others

◆ Helping teenagers deal with stress / anxiety / self worth

Is Coaching For You?

Imagine waking up each day feeling energized and excited about the future. That's what can happen when you decide to commit to going all-in and making yourself a priority.


Whether you're feeling lost, stuck, or unsure how to move forward, my skill-set is uniquely positioned to help you move forward in life.

My programs provide a safe, supportive and empowered environment to explore your goals and dreams, and develop the action steps needed to make them a reality.

Get ready to trade imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs into limitless and unstoppable potential.

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