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The Path to Freedom

Utilising 20 years business experience with multiple coaching qualifications, I utilise Neuroscience and Cognitive Behavioural backed techniques, as well as a deeply ingrained intuition and spiritual energy, to help you discover if all aspects of your life are in balance and aligned.

Working together, you will gain clarity, perspective and insights and the tools needed to step away from old beliefs and create conscious change.

I understand how uncomfortable change can be, and it is always such an honour to hold space for you as your coach. However, I will also be here to challenge you, to help you uncover what still needs to be released and to support you in reaching your highest potential.

Working with someone that understands you and is there for you is life changing. I will help you unleash the boldest, bravest and most fearless version of yourself.

If you're fully committed to becoming your most authentic and groundbreaking self, I can't wait to support you and help you uncover and awaken the power within.


In my unique 1:1 program, The Freedom Path, I will work with you on disrupting past conditioning, unravel those ingrained limiting beliefs to cultivate the ultimate confidence to align yourself with who you truly are and where you want to be.

"You glow differently when your confidence is fueled by belief in yourself, instead of the validation of others"


For corporate wellness days, please use the contact form to arrange a call to discuss tailor-made solutions that most benefit your staff and company needs.

For extra support with student coaching and teenagers looking to create more self-confidence, empowerment and courage to be themselves, please use the contact form to arrange a call to talk through the many options that can help. Teenage years can be so tricky and overwhelming, sometimes they need a little help to navigate their way through.  

If you're ready to move forward and reclaim your future with confidence and bravery, Let's do this!

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth”

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What My clients say



The unique signature 1:1 Self-mastery program

Puawai, NZ


Working with Evie over a number of sessions meant she had time to work with me to build an understanding of my needs and help me work out what I need for my future.


Every session was beyond brilliant and the sessions got increasingly productive throughout. This worked both ways as I also felt increasingly

relaxed/trusting of her, and so wanted to immerse

myself more in the experience each time. I gained so much, this experience was priceless!

Eleanor, Newcastle


Evie has been the most warm and easy person to open up to and work with. She allowed time for me to talk but ensured I didn’t waffle on (which I have a tendency to do!) to ensure we made maximum progress within the hour each time. She worked hard to keep bringing me back to the positives and getting me to focus on my next steps to move forwards. 


Evie always shows fantastic empathy, and I felt like she was very much with me, whether I was upset or excited. 

Susan, Scotland


Evie helped me consider things from different perspectives which is always welcome for me! She helped me gain some insights that I had never considered before in terms of where my stress comes from and the possible triggers which was really helpful.


I really felt supported in my sessions and always came out of them feeling a sense of lightness and positivity.  She has a real gentle, calm quality about her which is so lovely in the coaching environment.

Embark on this 6-12 week transformation programme, with weekly or bi-monthly coaching sessions rooted in my BLISS coaching methodology, complemented by a bonus follow-up session after 4 weeks.

Enjoy the convenience of WhatsApp voice note coaching available Monday to Friday (9am-7pm) for real-time support.

It's like having a coach in your pocket, ready to help you tweak your day and make it better on the spot. 

◆ Learn to implement effective and transformative strategies, to gain maximum results in life

◆ Level-Up your business and career, or those moves back to work

◆ Eradicate fear of failure, imposter syndrome and ingrained limiting beliefs

◆ Uncover your purpose, place and passion - Reconnect with who you want to be

◆ Gain Confidence and Clarity to get out of your own way

◆ Master Mindset, Relationships, Strategy and Self-Love

◆ Unlock self-confidence, intuition, motivation and spiritual energy to become powerful AF!

◆ Become Bold, Brave and Fearless in the pursuit of your desires 

◆ Turn ordinary into extraordinary to live your best life

"I firmly believe, you absolutely can have it all"






You're serious about taking positive action

You're ready to dig deep and move forwards not backwards

You want the time to explore your new direction and fully implement change 

You're ready to commit and go all-in

The Freedom Path will transform your life





You are not fully invested in making a change

Do not like to take action in the direction of your goals

You're looking for someone else to fix you (rather than do the growth work yourself)

You're not quite ready for life to look and feel completely different





◆ 6, 8 or 12 X 90  MINS In person or Zoom Sessions (Location dependant)

◆ MON-FRI Whatsapp Support 9am-7pm

◆ 1:1 Meditation session

◆ Access to pre-recorded meditations, worksheets, strategy guides

◆ A life changing experience when you commit to the journey and its outcome

the freedom flow


After completing The Freedom Path, transition seamlessly into The Freedom Flow support program, ensuring your long-term progress stays on track. Opt for monthly or quarterly check-ins to make minor course corrections and maintain your sense of well-being. This support is reserved for those who have successfully completed The Freedom Path programme.


Embark on a power-packed 1:1 coaching immersion designed for high-impact transformation

 This exclusive session will help you achieve rapid and radical results for unparalleled success

◆ Unlock, liberate and strategically rewire a key area of your life in up to 3 productive hours

◆ Gain clarity, understanding, and support with powerful tools & action steps

◆ Create lasting transformation and deep self awareness

◆ Uncover blocks, create results focussed strategies and impactful tools for greater success

◆ Seize the opportunity to elevate your life & become your most magnetic self


Schedule your Transformational Breakthrough session now:



Coming soon, The Freedom Mastery Group Membership is the ultimate one stop shop for women supporting women, moving mountains and building empires. Prepare to be inspired!

In this group membership, not only will you get access to monthly trainings, coaching, workshops and more, but you will get to connect with other groundbreaking women forging a path to ultimate happiness and success. 

There is no force more powerful than when women come together to create unstoppable change.

There will be limited spaces available for exclusive 1:1 coaching monthly with me via Voxer available with upgrade. This is an incredible opportunity to experience 1:1 coaching at a specially discounted rate for The Freedom Mastery Members. 




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