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The Rise Of The Female Powerhouse & Coaching

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There are many similarities and crossovers between coaching across all genders; however, there are subtle differences, and this is where a finely tuned coach can step in.

Women are not only typically seen as the homemaker, the mother and care provider but also a career woman and general all-around powerhouse juggling multiple plates in the air at the same time. With all these plates in the air, the ability to find time for self-care is usually at the bottom of the priority list, yet it is so fundamental.

With societal pressures of achieving ‘unrealistic perfection’, many women I speak to struggle with self-worth issues that affect self-image, confidence, career choices, relationships and work/life balance. All of which can play out with the need for constant perfectionism, increased stress/anxiety, the desire for excessive control, self-sabotage and procrastination.

But how to break those old habits and beliefs and where to start first?
It is so easy to lose yourself when the last thing you think about is yourself. Does any of this sound familiar?

Many of my female clients come to me seeking the ability to work out who they are today, not based on anyone else’s expectations but on what lights them up, where they feel at their best and what they genuinely want to achieve moving forward.

They are mothers looking to return to work, women wanting to start up their own business, finding themselves caught in the corporate world and unsatisfied or living a life that no longer inspires them. They are women ready to make a change.

Photo of corporate women in business attire

Women are taking empowerment to the next level, already powerhouses in the corporate world and becoming more resilient than ever before in making changes in their personal and business lives. The most rewarding and incredible place is by these women’s side, helping their success stories unfold. I look forward to hearing from you if you are ready to take the next step and let go of the old ways and bring in the new! For further details of corporate or individual sessions, please use the contact form here and please see the Evie Maria homepage for client feedback and personal success stories!


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