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  • evie pagliarulo

"Top Tips to navigate Overwhelm"

Monday afternoon and the overwhelm is at a 9.9/10!

With the launch and creation of several programs scheduled this year with a deadline of the 31st December for production, there are days, like today, that I could so easily pack it all in and book the first flight out of town!

Where walking away truly feels like so much of a 'no-brainer' that it seems madness to keep pushing on.

Old me would have quit by now. 100%.

But I know, from 20 years global business and coaching experience, that it is in these moments of absolute challenge and ploughing through the resistance and pressure, that diamonds can be made. That saying exists for a reason.


However, I do need to caveat this by also saying that too much pressure can also cause an explosion. And ensuring you are not pushing yourself to the point of breakdown is key.

Prevention is easier to navigate, than finding a cure after the fall.

So it is important to notice the signs of where you're at and implement the steps needed to keep yourself healthy and regulated.

So many people typically give up just at the point they were about to create something MINDBLOWING. Where their life was on the cusp of radical change. It is often at this point that things become really uncomfortable, to test your focus and your reserve, and it is at this point you have the choice to go all in and know the outcome or to wonder forever and say what if..

Money gun shooting out dollar bills

Here are my Top Tips on what I do in moments of overwhelm to keep those fires burning:

  1. Remember that it takes just ONE decision to change your business or your life, choose wisely and for your highest good.

  2. If you're doing a task that feels like you're wading through mud, step away. Take time off, but with the committment that when you come back to it, you're going to give it your all.

  3. Pick your priorities. Get really clear on what is and what isn't working for you, and why. Accept you cannot do it all at once, so pick 1 or 2 things and give them your best shot and attention, you will get to the rest soon enough.

  4. Delegate. If it's not your strength zone and you're spending hours doing it, bite the bullet, free up your time, find someone that can help ease up the workload, there are budget friendly options out there and focus on the actions that you know will move the needle for you. Focus on your centre of excellence.

  5. If you're a perfectionist ( like me) if you do not nip this in the bud you will be that dog, chasing its tail in circles and never quite getting anywhere! 80% IS better than striving for 100% and never quite reaching it.

  6. Have your support team in place and use them. Call them up when things get too much and use them to get a fresh perspective.

  7. Get out of your own way! Are you self-sabotaging? Is fear of failure blocking you? Are you putting it off to not have to face rejective or 'failure' ( I really don't like that word!) Dig deep or work with someone that can help you shift past this, this was a game-changer for me.

  8. Move your body. Exercise. Be in nature. We need to burn off all that adrenaline and cortisol to re-regulate our nervous system and bring it back into balance. Breathe a little deeper, a little slower.

  9. Make it lighter, have more fun with it. The heavier it feels, the harder it becomes to navigate and the greater the overwhelm. Remember that toddler that learnt to walk, with multiple tries and falls, that toddler was you. You have already achieved so much and navigated some of your toughest days. Come back to play / lightness / focus and watch your days transform.

  10. Move your body. Exercise. Be in nature. We need to burn off all that adrenaline and cortisol to re-regulate our nervous system and bring it back into balance. Breathe a little deeper, a little slower, take time to nourish your soul. Slow down to speed things back up again.

And trust that it WILL all work out as it is meant to in the end (even if it takes a little longer than planned!)


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