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The "Is this really it" Bombshell

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I often get asked at what point do my clients decide they want or need to work with a coach, and more often than not, it is the moment they find themselves asking, “Is this it?” Is this really what I signed up for? Is my life where I thought it would be? Am I happy with this career/partner/life choice I have made? And if I am not, what do I do? How do I create a change, and who can I talk to that will support and help me, without judgement, work out what I need to do next?

A few years ago, I found myself in this position after losing myself in the corporate world. Doing what I thought others expected of me and in ruthless industries that didn’t care about the people working for them, but only in how much money they could make. There was no support system that I trusted that was impartial around me, that had the knowledge and expertise to help me figure out what comes next.

The “Is this it” moment is brutal; it is the moment where you question everything around you, the job, relationship, the car, the house and possibly what you see in the mirror and think, “Could I be happier if I change that for something shinier and new?” But, in reality, the only shift and change that needs to happen is becoming aware of what could be missing that lights you up and gives you a true sense of purpose and fulfilment.

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They call this the ‘Midlife crisis’, I call it ‘The moment of awakening” This doesn’t just affect the 40/50/60 somethings, but also those in their 20s + that finish their degrees knowing this is not what I want to do, so now, what do I do next?

It’s the moment where you realise you have been robotically living a life without stopping to think, does this still make me happy? Is this actually what I want to be doing? Am I living the best life I truly imagined? And if not, what do I do to get myself there? A lottery win is always great at moments like this. However, there are far more tangible and accessible ways to arrive at an equally fulfilling place!

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Working with a life coach could be fundamental to not letting these thoughts overwhelm and sabotage the actions you need to take in moments like this. A life coach can help you make significant changes whilst navigating daily life by keeping you focussed on your goals and making yourself a priority. In addition, the life coach will help discover where you want and need to up-level your life and work out the best decisions to make for your future and those around you.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and creating a present and future that ticks ALL your boxes?

Please do get in touch to arrange a discovery call as the first step from moving your life from functional to optimal in every possible way.

For further details of corporate or individual sessions, please use the contact form here and please see the House of Thoga homepage for client feedback and personal success stories.


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