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The road to freedom.

As an Advanced Success and Transformation Coach, I will work with you using Neuroscience  and Cognitive Behavioural backed techniques, to help you discover if all aspects of your life are in balance and aligned.  I will help you gain clarity, perspective and insights and the tools needed to step away from old beliefs and create conscious change.

In the 3-month Limitless Success booster program, we will begin with initial discovery sessions to identify key focus areas, clear insights into unhealthy habits, negative thought patterns and anything that may be holding you back. Provide full support and accountability weekly, tools to help you remove your blocks or where you may be stuck & enable you to move into your highest potential. With rapid & radical results! 

For clients looking for long term support and accountability sessions, I will put together a longer advanced program that is tailormade for you.  This program will truly provide the time you need to implement the new habits and changes to your life. 


If you are ready to move forward, release the past and live your best life whilst stepping into your FULL success, I look forward to welcoming you very soon!  

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“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth”

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What my clients say.

Coaching Programs & Investment

Puawai, NZ


Working with Evie over a number of sessions meant she had time to work with me to build an understanding of my needs and help me work out what I need for my future.


Every session was beyond brilliant and the sessions got increasingly productive throughout. This worked both ways as I also felt increasingly

relaxed/trusting of her, and so wanted to immerse

myself more in the experience each time. I gained so much, this experience was priceless!

Eleanor, Newcastle


Evie has been the most warm and easy person to open up to and work with. She allowed time for me to talk but ensured I didn’t waffle on (which I have a tendency to do!) to ensure we made maximum progress within the hour each time. She worked hard to keep bringing me back to the positives and getting me to focus on my next steps to move forwards. 


Evie always shows fantastic empathy, and I felt like she was very much with me, whether I was upset or excited. 

Susan, Scotland


Evie helped me consider things from different perspectives which is always welcome for me! She helped me gain some insights that I had never considered before in terms of where my stress comes from and the possible triggers which was really helpful.


I really felt supported in my sessions and always came out of them feeling a sense of lightness and positivity.  She has a real gentle, calm quality about her which is so lovely in the coaching environment.

The Limitless Success Program



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90min Deep Dive GBP150

Upfront Investment GBP2799 (GBP933pm)

3 Month Investment Plan GBP3200 (GBP1067pm)

◆ Discover what direction you truly want your life to take

◆ Set goals and objectives that are in true alignment with your purpose & passion

◆ Gain clarity on areas needing focus

◆ Deep dive into your own emotional coding 

◆ Uncover any limiting beliefs, challenges & obstacles you may be facing, that could be holding you back from creating the reality you want to be living

◆ Unlock your self confidence, determination, energy & abundance in ALL areas of your life

◆ Break through blocks that may be holding you back using Neuroscience backed techniques to rewire your neural pathways for long term change

◆ Mindset & confidence tools

◆ Full support & accountability 

◆ 12 X 1:1 60-75min Weekly Coaching - In person or Via Zoom (Location Dependent)

◆ Optional 30min booster session monthly - Accountability call, Yoga, Meditation, EFT

Group Coaching - Elevate your life

Elevate your life is a gentle introduction into coaching surrounded by other inspiring & driven individuals. This container is kept to 8 members to keep it a safe and intimate space where you feel seen and heard and able to work closely, both with myself and others within the group.

You will receive weekly support not only from me, but also from your fellow group in this 2-month container, that will provide you with the tools and the confidence to reclaim your power, voice and confidence to create a life that fulfils you every single day. These tools can fully be used across your personal life and business life, creating new habits that will serve you in achieving your goals.

You will become confidently equipped to take inspired action in all areas
of your life and deep dive into areas that may be holding you back.

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