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Coaching in a Man’s World.

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Coaching for men is still a relatively new and undiscovered area but one that definitely needs more attention. With male suicide hitting an all-time 2-decade high last year according to the Office of National Statistics, (2020) these are staggeringly worrying statistics. Men are 3-4 times more likely to commit suicide than women.

Man looking stressed

Although the ‘sole male provider’ views are definitely a little outdated, there is still huge pressure on men to provide for those around them, progress along the corporate ladder with the only direction accepted being upwards and comparison tendencies with those close to them. Having worked globally in mainly male dominated environments, I understand and recognise the pressures men face, having also lost several close friends to suicide. There were common factors, they had lost all sense of purpose and direction, they felt completely lost, they got to a certain point in their life realising how unhappy and unfulfilled they were but they didn’t know what to do next. They did not speak up.

Therapy is an amazing resource, but it is not the only resource available (unless mental health care is needed then a suitable medical professional should be sough)t that provides the space to work out what is missing from your life, what goals do you really want to achieve, how to achieve those next elusive steps and better quality relationships, career and work/ life balance so full focus on forward thinking and action.

Man looking more peaceful during meditation

Many men (and women also) spend their lives chasing goals placed on them by other people or society, getting to a certain age and realising how unfulfilled they are, and that success doesn’t feel as good as it should. This can not only affect self-esteem but also relationships as well as career decisions, chasing that next high whereas what really needs to be worked on is within.

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Working with a coach can start to release the pressures and confusions of the ‘what next’ and bring you back to your purpose and attainable goals, creating positive impacts not only in the workplace but with all those around you but above all from within.

But above all remember, that there is a past version of you that is so proud of just how far you have come.


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